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Monthly Archives: June 2015

What does ‘Black Tie’ mean?

On invitations and for those going on a cruise it is not uncommon to see the words ‘Black Tie’, so we often get asked what is mean by this as there appears to be some confusion as to what a ‘Black Tie’ event is and what men should wear. If you think what James Bond would wear in the evening you won’t go far wrong. ‘Black Tie’ is a tradition short hand to mean eveningwear. So men should wear an evening suit and ladies and evening dress. It’s as straight forward...

Some Great Ideas for Big Men this Father’s Day

Although some would say that every day is “Father’s Day”, as a Dad myself I couldn't agree. I know my place and it’s a long way down the pecking order, somewhere just behind the cats and goldfish. To cats, of course, we are just “the staff” and the goldfish couldn't care less as long as we keep the cats away from their bowl. As an American import, Father’s Day was founded in 1908 as a poor relative to Mother’s Day and is traditionally held on the third Sunday of June. It...