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Monthly Archives: September 2014

How To Look Slimmer

Yeah you could go on a diet but I wouldn’t recommend it. The word diet is defined as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. So you shouldn’t ‘go on’ a diet but change your diet and change it permanently if you want to weigh less. Easier said than done I know but a truth non-the-less. But this blog isn’t about losing weight it’s about how bigger men can look slimmer. 1. Contrast colours; wear lighter coloured tops than bottoms, so dark trousers, chinos or jeans...

How To Keep Cool

What you wear makes a big difference to how cool you feel. Every wondered why waiters in hot countries wear a vest? 1.  Button up shirts are cooler than T-shirts and T-shirts are cooler than polo shirts. 2. Natural fabrics are cooler than man-made ones. If possible go for either a pure or high cotton shirt as natural fabrics breath more easily. 3. Bamboo has all the benefits of cotton with the added benefit of natural anti-bacterial properties. 4. Wear chinos instead of denim jeans. Even though both jeans and chinos are generally made...


For big and tall men buying clothes can be very frustrating when nothing fits. The choice on the High Street is either very limited or non-existent and if you are lucky enough to stumble upon the right size it is often a one off product. How many times have you asked why they don’t stock your large size only to be told “There is no call for it”, it’s a bit exasperating to say the least. For taller men the high street offers even less than it does for the...